A Tribute to Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time

After suggesting an epic read yesterday, I’ve added a quick, lighter read for today: When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. Yet, it’s impossible to mention this novel without recalling the original inspiration. A Wrinkle in Time was the premier Science Fiction work read by girls for generations because it was accessible, and opened up the wonders of time travel.

I leaves a mark as the story’s protagonist, eleven year old Miranda, loves the book, totes it around and discusses it with friends. It serves as a portent to the subtle Science Fiction threads woven into the story, which aren’t fully revealed until the end.

NY in the  late seventies reads dead on and it’s no surprise that the author lived in this world. Scenery isn’t the only thing that’s recreated with eerie realism. The internal angst, the heartbreak of making and loosing friends are all there.

In an interview posted on Amazon, Rebecca Stead shares thoughts of her younger self: “When I’m forty, will I remember the ‘me’ I am now? Will I remember this moment?”

The answer is yes, she remembered well!

This is a book I would recommend mothers buy for their daughters. It’s a book that bridges the divide between time not just metaphorically, but emotionally.  Breeze through for sheer enjoyment. I dare you not to go back and read it again to catch every  hint in those mysterious notes.


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