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Continuing the ghostgirlthread of hungry ghost, Ghostgirl by Tonya Hurley takes a modern spin in vibrant YA voice. This book captures a misfit girl more invisible during  life than after death. It’s a great reading partner to Peony in Love: A Novel since both books cover the struggles of girls who are  outsiders and struggle with issues of popularity, love, obsession, acceptance, death in coming to terms with a new definition of normal.

There is no moody gothic vibe here. The cover art of a cartoon ghostgirl with a banner ‘rest in popularity’ across her coffin sets the tone for a quirky, fun horror. Don’t imagine dying gets Charlotte out of her highschool experience. No, highschool senior, Charlotte Usher,  gets a double dose spying on her old life at Hawthorne High and dealing with Dead Ed classmates.

Expect possession, obsession over uber hottie Damen, and tons of scheming for an unearthly first kiss. Oh, and did I mention a reference to poetry by Edgar Allen Poe. That’s not the only wink to horror classics. Tonya Hurley uses her filmaker’s eye to zoom in on this noir take on fame and popularity. Be sure to check out the website where it all began.


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