Greek Isles, OMG! by Tera Lynn Childs is a quick, easy, perfect, vacation read. Slip into teenage angst. If the title doesn’t make you chuckle, take a quick look at the original cover. It captures the essence here so well. Imagine Phoebe being torn away from everything she knew and carted off to a Greek Isle no less just because her mom remarried. Yes, I said Greece. Land of my top selection, Numero Uno on my old bucket list.

Phoebe looses her support structure, leaving her best friends back in Los Angeles. She was poised to make it to UCLA on a running scholarship, and that’s not a plan she easily abandons.  Phoebe’s one great obsession is running, but how does she expect to make the team when all her classmates inherited powers from the gods of myth?  I love the new take on the cliché of highschool cliques – here it’s all about who someone’s descended from.

OK, after reading which family would you really want to be linked with? I’m going with team Nike…


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