Not The Disney Version

Beastly, Alex Flinn, Paperback Beastly by Alex Flinn takes on the familiar journey of the favorite fairy tale Beauty and the Beast. No, this isn’t the Disney version and characters don’t break out into song. Nor is it the gruesome version, meant only to be told with a pint of mead around a hot fireside. This is a modern revisioning of the old tale in the city that never sleeps, New York.

What if taunts and cruel words had consequences and it took turning into a monster before Kyle could open his heart to love? It’s another take on what happens to the rich, popular kid when all he knows is taken away. It’s a ale old as time…wait, that’s from the song.

What I liked the most about this is that Kyle’s isolation spurs him on a journey to discover his own strengths and beauty deep inside. Even before Lindy joins him, he starts doing the work to get to know himself and eventually begins to see other people matter too.

While I haven’t seen the movie version, I recommend this for a quick read for any old or new fashioned romantic.


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