Which World Is The Prison?

IncarceronIncarceron by Carrie Fisher is a fantastical journey into multiple worlds. I love the concept and originality here and the bold, brave characters. It’s densely woven with unexpected turns in the two plotlines that come together.

Finn is seventeen and doesn’t remember much of his life except being a prisoner inside Incarceron, built to be perfectly self-sustaining and self-perpetuating domain. When he finds a crystal key, Finn begins communicating with Claudia, the warden’s daughter from the world outside.

The world-building is detailed and it may take a while to get into the rhythm of switching between such different world, but take it slow because the journey’s well worth it. In Claudia’s world, they disguise anything that appears technologically advanced, think an entire nation living in a Victorian version of a Renaissance Fair. While inside Incarceron, everything is recycled and reused so that nothing is purely organic anymore. Chilling. This is a series that should tempt new readers to try fantasy and science fiction even if it’s not a genre they normally read.

Ooh. I just saw a notice on the web that a movie version is slated to be released in 2013. Yum!


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