The Water Wars Have Begun

The Water WarsWe are on a dystopian trend this week with The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher. I like to link one novel to the next – have you seen the connections? And today we’re going to an environmental cautionary tale of sorts, dressed up with lots of action, helicopters, and explosions.

In a month were my city’s seen record rainfall and the river’s are set to flood, it’s hard to image water as a rare commodity. Looking at a world view, it’s easy to see that safe, drinkable water is not plentiful enough around the globe and will one day soon become even more precious.

Water wars runs at a fast pace, launching Vera ans her brother Will against governments that horde water, pirate and conglomerates. Hold on for the chase scenes and double crosses. Don’t expect deep character exploration, it’s as hard to come by as the precious H2O.

The character who stayed with me the most was Kai who tells Vera something that seems impossible, “I know a river…” His promise of an untapped, clean water source plunges the kids into full on adventure.  I don’t think I need to be psychic to foresee a movie up ahead.


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