Iron Magic

 Iron King by Julie Kagawa is a delicious walk into the dark fairy realm. Here Meghan Chase approaches her sixteenth birthday, but something seem off with her little brother. She’s seen things which couldn’t be real before, like when her father disappeared by the lake. But when her four year old brother attacks her with superhuman strength, it’s not long before she figures out he’s a changeling and that her true brother has been kidnapped.

OK, so far this sounds like standard fare. Through in her neighbor’s really a fairy named Puck, she’s actually a half-fairy princess and again we’re going down a familiar path. But this isn’t your grandmother’s fairy tale. Here there be iron fairies – something never seen before – so rare that fairies don’t believe Meghan when she warns them.

Technology has become the new power for these Iron fairies. They are fueled by video games, TV, computer codes and their magic is full of iron. Iron right? The one thing that weakens fairies, diminishes their glamour and if exposed long enough kills them.  So far this series is at three book with a fourth in the works. Sit back and enjoy some iron magic.


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