What Happens When You Pull A Loose Thread?

warpedWarped by Maurissa Gulbord takes different  look at fate. Tessa doesn’t believe in Magic or Fate until she purchases some books at auction and also receives a time-worn, unicorn tapestry by mistake. Now dreams of a savage hunt haunt her and reality is much more dangerous. Once she pulls a thread, she releases William du Chancy,  a handsome nobleman who has been trapped there since the sixteenth century.

Naturally, someone evil wants the tapestry back along with the thread which traps poor William. And if an evil witch isn’t enough trouble, the Fates themselves become involved furious that someone has been messing with the fabric of time.

Webster’s Dictionary Definition of Warp (as included in beginning of book):

1. The set of yarns placed in a loom that forms the lengthwise threads of a woven fabric.
2. A hypothetical eccentricity or discontinuity in the space-time continuum.

Both definitions fit solidly within this quick read. If you are looking at a story part Brothers Grimm fairy tale and part paranormal romance, this is the one.


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