Magical Library Fangirl

The Grimm LegacyThe Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman asks the big question, what if fairytale magic really existed and was as easy to access as the local library?

A secret lending  library full of magical objects? Count me in! Are they accepting CVs?

What I especially loved here were the many references to objects out of stories that I adored as a child. It brought back so many fine tales I hadn’t thought of in years. There were even items from stories I had never heard of – extra bonus there.  The Grimm Legacy is worth several reads to try to catch all the references and humor.

If you strip away the magical elements, it’s still a moving story of a girl finding a way to accept her own uniqueness and learning to trust new friendships.  Elizabeth finds her fellow pages as eclectic as herself and through their adventure, real friendships bloom. She gives a serious modern wink is given to Cinderella here. I’m hoping there will be more adventures to come…


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