Soaring Arabian Tale

The Desert of Souls   The Desert Of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones  delves into the dark world of Djinns as Captain Asim and Dabir, a soldier and a scholar, trek across the desert to retrieve a stolen artifact and ultimately to save their city. It begins in eighth century Baghdad, when Captain Asim suggests to his master Jaffar that they visit the market in disguise.  The three men are told fortunes they believe were mistakenly meant for each other.

Mr. Jones pens a rich first person narrative that’s not stingy on sensory descriptions. We’re immersed in both the historic, ancient arab cultural and the pure fantasy that evokes The Arabian Nights.

The style of the novel is reminiscent of the rich, traditional, epic fantasy genre interbred with the exciting suspense of action and adventure,  using a modern, tight, internal view of a perfectly pitched voice full of exotic and colorful places.

Such a satisfying novel, it makes you want more or perhaps to reread it to go on the adventure again,


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