Tattooed From The Inside Out

The Iron Witch (The Iron Witch, #1)The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney combines alchemy and Fae in a modern way.

They call her a freak.  When she was seven, Donna Underwood received strange iron markings on her arms, tattooed from the inside out.  Now seventeen, the gloves she wears hide her deformity, and mark her as an outcast – someone on the fringe.  She’s both attracted and repelled when she meets Xan at a party and finds he could be just as much of a freak as she is.

This is a modern retelling of the old ‘Handless Maiden’ folktale and weaves a tale bringing alchemy, and  fairies into a modern, urban setting. They don’t mix well and the silver embedded magically into her arms may keep her from getting what she really wants.

This is a fast read and only quickly touches on all the myth, but it’s a debut novel in a series, so I’m sure the full story will enfold. I’m waiting for the next installment.


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