A Group Of Kids Raised By A Spaceship’s Computer…

The concept of a computer rearing a spaceship full of kids immediately drew me into The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1 by PJ Haarsma. These orphans are traveling on a seedship to Orbis. Their parents signed up for a futurist version of indenture yet when all the adults die, the children inherit their burden and must work off the cost of their passage in brutal conditions within this alien planet’s factories.

Johnny Turnbill discovers he has a rare talent, his mind directly communicates with computers. It’s something he wants to hide, but once technology within the factories begin to go crazy, he’s discovered as the first human softwire in generations. Now the Trade Council and the Keepers plot to see how they may exploit his gift.

Visit http://www.thesoftwire.com for an interactive website full of bonus material for readers.

Enjoy this fast paced Science Fiction series. There’s enough odd aliens and action scenes to keep the pages spinning.is a fast paced science fiction series with enough odd aliens and action scenes to keep the pages spinning.


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