Kindling Her Inner Dragon

Firelight By Sophie JordanFirelight by Sophie Jordan takes a new angle on the coming of age plotline with drangon shifters and it works.  Jacinda is a young Draki – a descendant from Dragons who can breathe fire. She loves being able to shift from human form to dragon and breaks her clan’s rules by flying in daylight.

She barely escapes the dragon hunters  – so her mother panics and moves Jacinda and her sister to the desert. Here, their mom hopes they will live normal lives and Jacinda will lose her ability to transform. As fate would have it, Jacinda ends up going to school with Will, a young dragon hunter, and her troubles are only beginning.  Her attraction to Will keeps the dragonfire inside her from going completely out, but it only postpones the tough decisions she needs to make about her future.  Read this novel and you’ll see dragons in a new, modern way.


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