Pixie Kissed

NeedNeed by Carrie Jones follows a familiar Urban Fantasy plotline: girl grieving moves to new school, is unsure about growing romance, all the while investigating why kids keep going missing. However, Need gives us more than a simple plot summary. Zara’s quirky – she recites phobias when she’s stressed. The town’s full of non-humans and Zara has a tie-in with the local pixies and the guy who leaves behind a trail of gold glitter.

Don’t imagine kind, fun-loving, pranks from these pixies. These are YA pixies and highschool kids are not in a fair fight. Zara’s biggest need is to understand what’s going on – no matter how dangerous the knowledge becomes.   This is a fast-paced, fun read full of adventure and a budding romance.   It’s a little like potato chips – once you read the first in this series, you’ll probably have a hard time resisting reading the rest.


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