The Great Traction City London Is On The Move

Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles) by Philip Reeve is a wild dystopian, steampunk adventure. Talk about extreme recycling; in this post apocalyptic novel, roaming cities wage war on each other scavenging the loser for all reusable materials.

This is a fast-paced, action filled novel which joins four teens in an adventure that travels  across the barren  land that once was Europe. They find government corruption and espionage everywhere they travel. Did I mention blimps and floating cities too?

As the first in a series, it stands alone as a great adventure and builds a multi-layered world. Some scenes are very dark which perfectly match the world in this clash or domination for limited resources, where cities become predators literally cannibalizing weaker cities and towns. So, I would suggest this is better suited for YA or adults although the lead characters are younger teens.   With Mortal Engines slated to become a movie (2012), now is an excellent time to read the novel first.  I can’t wait to see it; storyline should be visually stunning.


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