Murky Memories of The Underworld

AbandonAbandon by Meg Cabot takes a modern look at the ancient myth of Persephone. It loses some of the darkness associated with the original, but adds extra romance and teenage angst.  I normally adore Meg Cabot books, but here I believe she took too long getting into the story. I know it’s a series, but this first book read more as a set up for the next. I know common practise now.

Peirce takes forever hinting and half remembering what happened in her near death experience. Someone seems to be watching her. A boy appears just when she needs his help. Pierce almost understands why. She finally confirms the facts  hinted to in the first two-thirds of the book, but by then it’s wrap up time leaving us for the next installment, Underworld. Yes, I will read the next one because there is a good story here – we just haven’t totally seen it all yet.


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