Her Duty: To Marry The Man Who Will Become King

Legacy (Harlequin Teen)Legacy by Cayla Kluver invokes the world of a medieval princess in painstaking detail and doesn’t begin to take off until the character of Narian comes into play to form an unlikely love interest for the Princess Alera. The princess’s main task is to marry the man who will become the next king, and the only thing her father’s favorite contender has going for him at first is his delicious smell. Naturally, the person she’s attracted to and secretly meeting isn’t on her father’s list of contenders for the throne.

The book is intended to be a trilogy and this first novel spends far to long setting up the story and detailing the everyday occurrences within the royal society.  It’s a great accomplishment for such a young author. Yet, I can’t help feeling that this book would have been stronger if it had received strenuous edits and turned into a single, stand alone tale. It feels as if this story has only just begun and barely hit the first plot point and we are given a to be continued ending. Yet, if you are a fan of a traditional princess tale, this book will be a good choice.


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