Storm Up Ahead

Tempest RisingTempest Rising by Tracy Deebs introduces a surfer’s dream and nightmare full of mermaids, selkies and a sea witch and her horde. Tempest lives up to her name; she’s a force of nature and not that easy to immediately relate to. She’s back with her on again off again boyfriend Mark and soon we discover he’s not the problem child in the relationship. Tempest strives to be the alpha surfer among her guy friends and doesn’t really become multi-dimensional until a new guy, Kona, arrives.

Tempest has to decide between her attraction between two guys and ultimately whether she choses land or sea, but the bigger battle concerns whether she remains self-centered or embraces her role in a prophecy that could decide the fate of all the half-human sea creatures in the Pacific.  There will probably not be two camps here, team Kona versus team Mark, because the balance of attraction isn’t anywhere even. The story leave itself open to a series and I would be interested in seeing where Tempest strikes next.


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