Perhaps A Few Extra Quizzes Are In Order

The Goddess Test (Harlequin Teen)The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter merges the greek gods with the seven virtues. Oftentimes the blending doesn’t work, but what works well is the deep perspective into Kate’s angst ridden worldview. Kate has had a tough life and sacrificed much caring for her dying mother. Here’s a girl whose been bred to become Persephone’s replacement.

Unfortunately, the author doesn’t remain true to the original greek myths and has characters acting at times opposite to the known myths. There is a lot of talk about the tests she must pass, but it’s kept so secret that they aren’t revealed until the wrap up. Having a listing in the back of the book to who the modern names characters corresponded to the greek gods only highlighted the problem. Having the already married goddess of marriage offer to marry Harry/Hades was a bizarre choice and even worse when she couldn’t understand Henry’s  rejection of her. Perhaps I missed an inside joke somewhere. Kate does fail her first history quiz concerning the greek gods – Henry mentions he had a lower grade. So, perhaps the mistakes could be  intentional…not really.

Yet with it’s many faults, this was a quick read.   For someone unfamiliar with greek mythology, it will be a nice love story. For anyone who is at all familiar with the greek gods, there will be many irritatingly, confounding moments. Hopefully, the author will bush up and do some research before the remaining books in this series. Perhaps a few extra quizzes are in order.


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