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Among OthersAmong Others by Jo Walton could easily be a sourcebook for all the great early science fiction authors. The story is told through journal entries of  fifteen year old Morweena. She ran away from her mother after her twin sister died and is sent to a grim boarding school. She meets her father who abandoned the family when she was an infant, but doesn’t immediately connect with him and his odd trio of sisters.

One of my favorite lines is I have books, new books, and I can bear anything as long as there are books. Anyone who loves books, especially science fiction and fantasy, will fall in love with Mor. I thought I was well read.

This is a tale of her coming to accept her knew not half a twin self. The accident which killed her sister crippled Mor’s leg. She pushes the other girls away with claims that her mother’s a witch and befriends the other girl in her grade who’s the target of the bullies. Through fate or magic, she’s introduced to a science fiction book club that makes her Tuesday evenings bearable. This coming og age tale is realistic and utterly fanciful. Now I need to reread this to pick out the books l haven’t read.  ( I love how she notates which books she’s read in her journals. This is set in 1979 England – long before the oh so popular blogs.) Looks like there will be a growing pile of reserved books at the library. Mor would definitely be part of our long distance reader’s club.


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