Shadow Falls Camp For Teens Born At Midnight

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls, #1)Born At Midnight by C. C. Hunter follow Kylie Galen as she’s shipped off to a special summer camp following being at a party the cops busted. Never mind she wasn’t the one doing drugs, she’s now on a bus full of delinquents. This is another take on camps for kids with superpowers, but it reads fresh due to the deep point of view of Kylie as she tries to fit in.

There’s a nice array of supernatural beings with stiff competition based upon their ancestry. Since Kylie doesn’t know her power or where it may come from, she’s on the outskirts from this divergent group. Add her boyfriend dumping her because she wasn’t ready and her parents getting a divorce, and she’s about at her wits ends.

I enjoyed the twists in the story but was let down by the ending although it does lead into the next novel in the series well. So I’ll need to read it when it comes out.


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