Corruption Hides Behind Virtues

Divergent (Divergent Trilogy)Divergent by Veronica Roth is a modern dystopian reminiscent of the classics. There’s a corrupt government,  a secret group actually  controlling the real power in this world and a heroine who doesn’t fit.

In sixteen year old Beatrice Prior future Chicago’s divided into five factions – based upon virtues. On choosing day, she turns her back on her family’s selfless faction and joins the most fearless. Now it’s a longshot that she’ll survive the initiation. Train jumping and fighting become the new normal.

She renames herself Tris and tries to hide from psychological tests that may root out she is actually divergent a classification that marks her with a death warrant. While she tries to keep her own secret, she stumbles on a darker side to society. Even in a system designed to share power equally and expand on people’s strengths, it can easily get corrupted and molded to feed someone’s ambition. The story had me turning the pages quickly and finishing in one night.



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