Give Me A Double Dose Of Fantasy

The Marked Son (Keepers of Life, #1) The Marked Son by Shea Berkley is a novel that lingers long after the story is over. In this  YA Paranormal Romance  normal and fantasy worlds converge as two kids journeys toward discovering who and what truly.

Dylan’s mom dumps him at his grandparents farm in the mountains of Oregon. It guts him. Sure she was an irresponsible pain with a string of boyfriends too long to name, but she was all he had. After claiming he was allergic to nature all his life, she abandons him on the farm she ran away from seventeen years ago.

It’s enough to make any guy want to pretend it’s not really happening. Dylan thinks he must be really losing it when he starts seeing a familiar girl in white dress running in the woods. His old nightmares come back. ?Instead of fleeing, he charges straight toward trouble. Secrets have been kept from both Kera and Dylan that soon make them targets in two realms.

I’ve already read this brand spanking new release twice. The first time I devoured the plot and the second time I enjoyed the complex world building. This author pulls you in with emotions and magical prose. Big recommendation here for the first in the Keepers of Life series.  Bring on  book two.


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