A Space Race To Reach An Asteroid

Heaven's ShadowHeaven’s Shadow by David Goyer and Michael Cassutt begins with a good premise. There’s an asteroid coming toward Earth and two rival space programs want to grab the glory of being the first to set foot on that real estate.

There’s an interesting cast of characters and NASA gets plenty of page time, but I missed seeing more complex concepts or subplots. Lately, modern Science Fiction seems to be offering up more single concept stuff and I like my SF a little more complicated.

Does anyone else remember when a science  fiction novel offered so many new ideas it took days to digest them all? While this was written well and I can see it drawing large crowds in the box office, I wanted more from a novel – something more speculative with my fiction.

Perhaps if I hadn’t read such a big build up for the novel, I might have been more satisfied. It’s a good book capable of being more, but still an enjoyable read. It’s a great cast and would make a wonderful TV series, just thinking…


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