Robopocalypse A Possible Future

Robopocalypse: A NovelRobopocalypse by Daniel H Wilson is a brave new look at the future if you’re a robot. For  humans, it’s a war we aren’t well suited to win. It’s hard not to be impressed with the author’s PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University. Yes, a stellar university in my home town. It’s conforming to read in an interview that he doesn’t actually believe robots will rise up and attempt to kill us. Good to know. What he does in reality foresee is our utter dependence on technology for survival.

This story takes us in well before the first conflict. We have a chance to get to know the characters who will play crucial roles in the war. Oh, and just so we don’t miss any sleep over the prospect, we learn early on humans win. What’s most frightening about the book is it feels real – as if in some near fractured future this could actually occur.

The cover art drew me in. I had to pick it. Hurry the book first before they make it a movie.


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