Amy Volunteers For Ten Days Of Military Training in Israel

How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's ReputationHow To Ruin Your Boyfriend’s Reputation by Simone Elkeles is a fun, quick read. I have to admit I read the ‘older cover’ version with Amy dressed in Camo’s with red hi-tops just like in the book. This newer cover confuses me a little. What’s with that top at boot camp? Have to say Avi looks pretty much spot on. Then again, I’m no cover artist and it’s what’s in the book that counts and this one offers some good stuff.

American Amy Nelson-Barak misses her long-distance boyfriend Avi. So she signs up with her friends Miranda, Jessica, and Nathan for military boot camp at the same base in Israel where Avi is training.
Her arrival is a total surprise to him and not entirely in a good way. She’ll learn romance isn’t sanctioned here and that complicates her summer plans. Due to her unintentional mishaps, Avi’s reputation  is tanking. The plumbing, food and bunk beds could use an upgrade, but she roughs it and tries to train like a real soldier – after she flat irons her hair. Priorities people.

There are some surprising glimpses of values and loyalty in this book that elevates it from simply a fun romp. Amy is insecure and vulnerable and offers a unique teen voice.


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