Fantasy With Ghost Story Feel: The Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley

The Folk Keeper/FantasyThe Folk Keeper by Franny Billingsley is told in the format of 15-year-old, Corinna Stonewall’s diary. An orphan in foster care, she reinvents herself as a boy named Corin, a Folk Keeper.

It’s a hazardous job spent deep in the cellars placating the magical creatures whose harmful pranks would threaten her village. What others would consider torturous, she finds comforting and safe. Corin’s lured away to a large estate with much darker and dangerous Folk to tame. Lady Alicia’s manor harbors a fierce breed of Folk who have already tasted human blood.

Here Corinna learns her true legacy and finally confronts the fact she can no longer disguise herself as a lad. Living so close to the sea, she feels it’s pull and discovers her magical powers. Finian, the owner’s son, offers her first true friendship and more. What sets this book apart is the rich imagery, setting a stage for an almost gothic tale. Although this is not a new release, it is a stunner, which will both send chills down your spine and grab your heartstrings.


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