Return To A Great Read: Seven Tears Into The Sea by Terri Farley

Seven Tears into the SeaSeven Tears Into The Sea by Terri Farley captures the combined beauty of the sea and the lure of first love. I read it first from the library and then had to purchase my own copy.

Gwen’s grandmother invites her to stay the summer in the beach house and work at her California Seaside Inn. Indestructible Nana needs her help and Gwen can’t wait for the freedom of living away from her parents protectiveness and a chance to finally put to rest the unsettling memories of the place.

When she was ten, Gwen encountered a strange boy on the beach who whispered poetic words – whose meaning escaped her and only made everyone think she was hiding the truth. Her parents moved far away after the scandalous, near abduction.

Returning to finally face the gossip as a seventeen-year-old, Gwen meets Jesse the first morning while she walks on the beach. He knows her – including specific details about the incident she forgot. Not entirely strange, being a small community, she expects everyone remembers. Gwen can’t place Jesse, but it has been seven years, so that’s not so strange. Now the fact that he seems to be a wanderer without a real home, that makes her wonder if her building attraction to him is dangerous.

Her grandmother’s stories of ancient Scottish myths confuse Gwen who begins to question the line between truth and fantasy. The long forgotten refrain: Beackon the Sea, I’ll come to thee… Shed seven tears, perchance seven years….

Terri Farley, beloved for her Middle Grade horse stories, makes the transition to Young Adult  with heartache, hope and  a creature magically more than human to capture our hearts.


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