Haunting Beauty: Drawing the Ocean by Carolyn MacCullough

Drawing the OceanDrawing the Ocean  by Carolyn MacCullough captures the contemporary teen voice in something that could be a ghost story but is much more.

Sadie loves to paint. It’s the only thing that’s grounded her sanity since Ollie, her twin brother, died when they were twelve. For the past four years, she has painted a new picture of the sea in his honor. When her parents move across coasts to their new Connecticut home, she vows to finally fit in  where no one knows her tragic past.

Of course, the first person she meets is Fryin’ Ryan, about the last guy to help her achieve her goal. Her new girlfriend Lila provides access into the popular crowd, which includes attention from a hot football star named Travis. Yet Ryan, a loner who seems to enjoy his outcast status, mystifies her and seems the only one possibly open to understanding her haunting relationship with Ollie.

 Sixteen-year-old Sadie’s a quirky character, who accepts advice from her dead brother, and must finally decide who she wants to be and which friendships she’s willing to lose.

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