Darkness Becomes Her by Kelly Keaton

Darkness Becomes HerDarkness Becomes Her  by Kelly Keaton takes us to New 2, the former city of New Orleans, which was purchased from the government by nine wealthy families. This territory ripe with Gothic style decay becomes a safe haven for supernatural beings – well outside US jurisdiction and under the protection of the family council.

A person would have to be pretty desperate to consider going inside. Ari’s mother warned her to stay away from New Orleans, but it’s the only place she may learn the answers about herself. Her teal eyes and silver hair mark her as a freak. In New 2, she heads into greater danger. Here she’ll mix with creatures from mythology as well – beings even the vampires fear. At the heart of the story is Ari’s drive to fit in and her attraction to Sebastian.

This novel begins with a high level of grit factor and cursing, so it’s not for younger teens. I would suggest parents give it a quick read first.  It opens with Ari killing a man who attacks her. She then hitches a ride into New 2 with a fifteen-year-old UPS driver.  It also touches on suicide and child abuse.


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