Beware The Old Ones in Chime by Franny Billingsley

ChimeChime  by  Franny Billingsley adds a YA twist to Southern Gothic.

Briony Larkin has been filled with guilt and loathing since her stepmother’s recent death. She keeps secret that she knows she’s  a witch, that she’s responsible for her twin Rose’s handicap, and that she caused her stepmother’s death.

Isolated in their Swampsea parsonage at the turn of the twentieth century, she has no hope of things getting better. When Eric arrives things get more difficult. His father plans on draining the swamp and Briony knows that the Old Ones will never allow it. Another death will be coming. This is a dark, twisted world in the best gothic tradition with some added fantasy thrown in. Ultimately it’s a story of redemption and Briony at least feels she’s too far gone for salvation, but she won’t give up her sister without a fight.


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Filed under Days 61-90

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