Crossed (Matched)

Crossed by Allie Condie picks up with the repercussion of Cassie’s rebellious act This sequel to the popular Matched left me slightly disappointed. I normally don’t list a review of a book that I would rank less than four to five stars. I just don’t. Here I loved the originally story so much and I still have high hopes for the conclusion. So I had to share a few thoughts.

Cassia lands in a work camp and finally in the dangerous Outer Provinces searching for her boyfriend Ky. The memory of her ex-fiance Xander shadows her. She’s peeking behind the curtain and learning more shocking discoveries about her Society and the rebels they fight. Sure the conflict and stakes continue to rise in this book, but I had the sinking feeling that this read more like the middle of a novel rather than a stand piece itself. Sagging middles is a syndrome authors fight to overcome the same way many of us battle that extra pound or two.

I’m still going to read the final novel in this trilogy and I have a feeling it will be well worth it. My advice is to wait and read the three novels in the Matched trilogy together, savor the first, race through the second and hopefully enjoy the third.


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