A Rollercoaster Road Trip: The Miles Between by Mary E. Pearson

The Miles BetweenThe miles between by Mary Pearson starts with a bang and ends with a revelation. Destiny Faraday distances herself from her classmates. She’s terrified of attachments. It’s easier to be a loner.  and to keep aching secrets at bay.That is until one day, she and three students “borrow” a car and set out on a once in a lifetime road trip.

Their goal becomes to create on fair day, a day when good guys win and things turn out the way they should. It’s an emotional trip, and weaves in a supernatural element with perhaps a heartbreaking reality behind it. This story blends genres for me. It has some of the elements I love from old-fashioned Southern Gothic stories: a boarding school, old family secrets, controlling  Yet it blends in a modern literary feel mashed with young adult.

I couldn’t resist reading on after viewing: I was seven the first time I was sent away.  Read it for yourself and enjoy the emotional roller coaster.


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Filed under 91-120, Days 61-90

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