What if we had a cure for love?

Delirium: The Special Edition

Delirium by Lauren Oliver immerses us in a government knows best world where love is viewed as a disease and each person takes the cure at eighteen. It’s an intriguing premise.

Lena Haloway wants to fit in, to look forward to the husband and career society will chose for her on her eighteenth birthday. Once she’s given the cure, she will no longer have to fear the threat of love the decease that caused her mother’s suicide. “I love you,” she remembers her mother’s last words.

Lena meets Alex a couple of months before she’s scheduled to be cured. He’s different. He makes her see and experience things is a new way. New isn’t good; it’s deadly.

Amazon.com posts an author one-on-one with Gayle Forman and Lauren Oliver. In it Lauren Oliver shares that the seed of the idea hit her while she was at the gym watching a news click about people panicking during the swine flu epidemic. That one spark of an idea became a page turner. The author who penned Before I Fall had delivered another best-seller here.


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