Fairytale Sci-Fi

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)


Scarlet by Marissa Myer  As a huge fan of Cinder the sequel did not disappoint. There are so many quirky, whimsical bits that carried through both novels and played to the plot. Beloved cyborg mechanic Cinder escapes prison and becomes the kingdom’s most wanted criminal.

The series gives a serious nod to our favorite fairy tales and launches them into a frightful future world. This story centers around Scarlet and Wolf as they attempt to find out what really happened to Scarlet’s missing grandmother. By the time they meet Cinder, the Lunar queen will have a real threat on her hands and the reader will have a nice Segway into the third book of the series. I’m ready for the next installment, please.

This second book in the Lunar Chronicles ups the danger and hints to even greater secrets housed on the moon.  To fully enjoy the story I would suggest you start with reading Cinder first. They are both quick and enjoyable reads. Almost too quick. I think I may have to go back and reread…


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