Long Distance Readers

Motivation for the Long Distance Reader:

Come along with me and discuss a novel a day. Over the past year, I’ve averaged over a book a day – so I know it can be done.

I challenge many of you to join the adventure, and limber up for some reading sprints. This site is for the long distance reader!

Make sure and complete the polls. You should find one about every seven books or so. They’ll remain open, so cast your vote. (Type poll in the search box to see them all.) Later, we’ll have some super polls and match up the top books to find the ultimate favorites.

All the books posted are my four or five star reads. I’m not going to share any of the books I’ve read that I feel missed the mark. Please share your feedback. I loved, loved, loved some of these and would enjoy hearing your thoughts too.

Can there ever be enough books?


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