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Books Could Be Dangerous

bookcovervoices Voices by Ursula K LeGuin weaves magic and duty into the fictional world of Ansul. It’s a city conquered and shackled by regulations where reading and writing are crimes punishable by death. Hidden behind the safety of walls in a once prosperous home, Memer comes to cherish books and must find her own brand of courage – one that will be tested.

For someone raised to be obedient and to find safety in quiet ways, the life of a rebel is not a choice easily made. A visiting poet and his wife shake things up and offer Memer a chance to try on a disguise and see another side of city life.

LeGuin delivers again another wonderful coming of age fantasy.


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Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life – Searching For A Key

Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of LifeJeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life by Wendy Mass is a charming tale of an odd young man who ended up capturing my heart.  Jeremy  Fink is turning thirteen and he wonders if he’ll make it as a teenager. He tends to stay close to home, doesn’t enjoy surprises and collects of all things odd, mutant candy. Lizzy, his best friend, is his polar opposite.

A mysterious box arrives for him to open on his birthday and supposedly hold the meaning of life. Unfortunately the four keys needed to open it are missing. So, the adventure begins. It leads Jeremy to meet with an odd bunch of characters and eventually on an emotional journey were he learns about himself.  This is a must read.

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