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If Your Uncle Were Sherlock Holmes And You Had A Secret

A Study In Silks by Emma Jane Holloway.  I must admit I enjoy a good genre mash-up. Mix in an alternate Victorian England controlled by utility barons, add a bit of magic, and Sherlock Holmes for good measure and the stage is set with a mystery afoot.  The book should appeal to readers across genre lines who enjoy a light mystery with a bit of fun and romance thrown in. I read the uncorrected proof and it was an easy read so I can only imagine the final copy, out in September 2013, will only be better. Go ahead and read this one. I dare you.


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Dozens Of Children Take The Curious Exam And Four Are Chosen

The Mysterious Benedict SocietyThe Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is another charmer for the younger set. It all starts with an advertisement. Dozens of kids arrive and take a series of mind-boggling tests. Two girls and two boys win the top spots and are enrolled in the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened. They are going undercover on a mission only the brightest and most special children can complete. So how do you excel in a place run by a criminal mastermind where the only rule is there  are no rules?

This is a fun mystery full of puzzles and a string of clues that pulls the reader along until the very end. Bravo! Great fun!

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Still A Parasol Protectorate Fan

Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate)Changeless by Gail Carriger picks up where Soulless left off. We have Alexia now married to werewolf Connall Maccon, and although they are only a few short months in, the honeymoon may be over. When the supernaturals around London suddenly become human for a short time, she and her husband must investigate. Of course he trots off on his own to Scotland and she follows close behind traveling by dirigible. Most of the regular characters from Soulless are present here and many accompany her and make her trip much more challenging than it might have been.

While Soulless had the flavor of a period romantic comedy, here we have more of a mystery comedy. That’s a combination the worked better in some spots than others, but was well worth the read just to see some steampunk elements start to emerge. I enjoyed the original story more, but I’m in for the adventure and will read on to the next in the series.

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Travel Through A Maze Into A Secret Sanctuary

The Forgotten Garden: A NovelThe Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton sweeps over two generations of women with mysteries and atmosphere to spare.  After a series of mishaps, a toddler arrives in Australia as a ship’s stowaway with only her suitcase, some clothes and a beautiful book of fairytales. This is all she has as clues to her parents and the life she lost across the ocean.

Her past is hidden from her by the people who took her in and raised her as their own until she turns twenty-one. She sets out to find answers but it’s not until her grand-daughter goes searching that things begin to come into focus. She’s lead to the Cornish coast to Blackhurst Manor, its maze and the gothic secrets of the Mountrachet family. It’s a great  journey of self discovery across continents and generations.

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