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If Your Uncle Were Sherlock Holmes And You Had A Secret

A Study In Silks by Emma Jane Holloway.  I must admit I enjoy a good genre mash-up. Mix in an alternate Victorian England controlled by utility barons, add a bit of magic, and Sherlock Holmes for good measure and the stage is set with a mystery afoot.  The book should appeal to readers across genre lines who enjoy a light mystery with a bit of fun and romance thrown in. I read the uncorrected proof and it was an easy read so I can only imagine the final copy, out in September 2013, will only be better. Go ahead and read this one. I dare you.


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Still A Parasol Protectorate Fan

Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate)Changeless by Gail Carriger picks up where Soulless left off. We have Alexia now married to werewolf Connall Maccon, and although they are only a few short months in, the honeymoon may be over. When the supernaturals around London suddenly become human for a short time, she and her husband must investigate. Of course he trots off on his own to Scotland and she follows close behind traveling by dirigible. Most of the regular characters from Soulless are present here and many accompany her and make her trip much more challenging than it might have been.

While Soulless had the flavor of a period romantic comedy, here we have more of a mystery comedy. That’s a combination the worked better in some spots than others, but was well worth the read just to see some steampunk elements start to emerge. I enjoyed the original story more, but I’m in for the adventure and will read on to the next in the series.

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The Great Traction City London Is On The Move

Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles) by Philip Reeve is a wild dystopian, steampunk adventure. Talk about extreme recycling; in this post apocalyptic novel, roaming cities wage war on each other scavenging the loser for all reusable materials.

This is a fast-paced, action filled novel which joins four teens in an adventure that travels  across the barren  land that once was Europe. They find government corruption and espionage everywhere they travel. Did I mention blimps and floating cities too?

As the first in a series, it stands alone as a great adventure and builds a multi-layered world. Some scenes are very dark which perfectly match the world in this clash or domination for limited resources, where cities become predators literally cannibalizing weaker cities and towns. So, I would suggest this is better suited for YA or adults although the lead characters are younger teens.   With Mortal Engines slated to become a movie (2012), now is an excellent time to read the novel first.  I can’t wait to see it; storyline should be visually stunning.

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A Clockwork Masterpiece!

The Clockwork Three[Audiobook]An orphaned street musician, a hotel maid, and an apprentice clock maker join forces to unlock pieces of a puzzle in Matthew J. Kirby’s  The Clockwork Three.

I simply adore the cover art for this book and even the book trailer that animates the inner clockworkings. http://www.scholastic.com/clockworkthree/  Yet, my largest suggestion is to take a quick  visit to the Scholastic site and watch the posted  author interview.  I heard a profound statement that I totally agree with – about how as writers we are ultimately writing for our own inner reader. Kirby states his is a twelve-year-old. Well, that pre-teen voice rings true. Tempered with the eye of an adult, it catches each nuance and intricate detail within his scenes.

In Matthew J. Kirby’s interview, he mentions that research into turn of the century street musicians inspired part of the story. Those urchins felt so real, they almost sprinted off the page, making me both want to feed them and check their pockets.

Here is Steampunk a little less gritty for the young/young-at-heart set of any age.  My only complaint: it was such a quick read that I wished I could have lingered longer in this world.

I’m rooting for The Clockwork Three to do well in this week’s poll. I adored it and would love to see it within the top rated book on the noveladay blog  at the end of the year. Remember, all the polls stay live until the end of the year, so take a glance back at any polls you missed and select your favorite books.

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